Caring for your sight with polarized lenses by POLAR

Our eyes allow us to perceive the beauty of the world, experience colors and landscapes, especially in the summer when everything is bathed in sunlight and becomes blinding as a star. This is when our eyes need to be heard and protected. POLAR knows this well and takes care of our sight with SUPER POLARIZED lenses.Smooth surfaces such as water, sand and cement reflect sunlight which becomes polarized. Polarized light can cause visual distress and reduce vision quality. It is important to take care of our eyes and be responsible with exposure to UVA and UVB rays that cause skin ageing and sight problems. That’s why POLAR has decided, back in 1993, to protect our eyes by using polarized lenses, and so becoming a pioneer in the field.


What made POLAR a global leader in the eyewear industry looks a bit like a secret recipe. Polarized lenses feature a special filter, fittingly called polarized, that works a bit like a micro blind: many small fissures that allow natural light to pass, but block reflected rays.

What few know is that there are different types of polarized lenses on the market. There is a very basic and cheap type where the filter is glued on top of the lens, and an innovative and advanced type – used by POLAR – that fully inserts the filter inside the lens, allowing higher protection and consistent visual comfort.

As eyes need to be protected with a polarized filter, lenses must be protected from scratches and everyday use. On a perfect summer day, relaxing and wearing your POLAR sunglasses on the beach, sand becomes the lenses’ worst enemy. POLAR has thought of this as well and each lens is protected by a special anti-scratch, anti-oil and anti-reflection coating.

Relaxed eyes for a dynamic life

We live in a world that’s constantly changing : dynamic, frantic, digital and innovative. We are exposed to stimulation constantly, mostly visual, as we live through immediate actions and emotions. Our eyes are on the front lines processing the stimulation and help us act and react in the best possible way.

Thinking of polarized lenses as a summer necessity is way too simplistic. These special lenses make our everyday life better, especially when driving. With improved depth perception and exceptional contrast, the driving experience is less tiring and more secure. Life with POLAR lenses is colorful, vivid, defined and safe. POLAR sunglasses are much more than a fashionable accessory, they are a way of life that’s focused on taking good care of ourselves and one of our most precious gifts: sight.

See more of the world with polarized lenses

Fun fact: fishermen have been among the first users of polarized lenses. By removing reflections from the water’s surface, polarized lenses allowed for better vision of the environment under water and the fish below.

This makes polarized lenses the perfect choice for water sports such as windsurf and sailing, and for the same reason they perform exceptionally well in all outdoors environments and activities like trekking and skiing. Choose SUPER POLARIZED lenses for a dynamic and full life while caring for your eyes and protecting your sight.