Seeing a world that is green and clean through a pair of glasses produced by an eco-friendly brand: it can be done and it has been done by POLAR.

Consequences of pollution are more and more devastating for our planet. Plastic pollution specifically has been defined by National Geographic the most dangerous of all.

Companies become more and more aware of how their choices shape the future of everyone, including that of their customers. The fashion industry most of all must take responsibility and POLAR is on the front lines of the fight, taking a clear stand to help and build a better future.

POLAR’s philosophy is to be ready to face challenges. Whether they come from the fashion industry or a global emergency that everyone must address. Working behind the scenes is no longer enough, it is necessary to stand tall and press the play button on change. This is what us at POLAR, with courage and our signature style, brought to market with the revolution of our product packaging in 2020.


In the last year POLAR embraced an environment centric vision, fully integrating recycling and emissions control into our operations. It is a philosophy that truly adds a great value to the brand and helps reduce the environmental impact of the world’s extensive use of plastic.

POLAR is renowned for our amazing collections of eyewear for men, women, and kids. Now our products come packed in a revolutionary case produced through a cutting-edge process that recycles plastic retrieved from sea and landfills. The process is certified and clearly marked on the packaging.

The goal is clear: clean the oceans and give plastic new life, instead of letting it slowly degrade and pollute the whole ecosystem.

POLAR transforms plastic into a special granule that is further processed into fibers. These fibers are then woven into a partially hard texture used to produce the cases. The end result, fully ecofriendly, is exceptional to say the least.

When it comes to preserving the environment, less is more. POLAR embraces the concept by further reducing the use of packing material by removing any non-essential boxes and by using recyclable, and whenever possible, recycled materials. Products are sold with their case and a re-usable red shopping bag. Red is POLAR’s signature color, but also signifies passion, tenacity, and change – values embraced by POLAR since its beginnings in 1993.